I already offer my employees health insurance, why should I offer them Nice Healthcare?

If you offer your employees health insurance with a deductible over $150 dollars, adding Nice to your benefit plan in addition to health insurance will significantly reduce the out of pocket costs your employees have to pay to get medical care. In many cases employees and their dependents are able to completely avoid any out of pocket costs. All primary care and the associated labs, x-rays, and some prescriptions are provided at no additional costs to your employees and their dependents once you add Nice Healthcare.

Will Nice Healthcare save my company money on healthcare costs?

The answer is yes but it works differently based on whether you are self insured or fully insured. Many employers opt to offer a plan with a higher deductible than they previously offered before adding Nice to lower their insurance premium so that the cost of Nice Healthcare is covered, the benefit of this is that then it costs nothing to add Nice for the employer and employees save money on reduced out of pocket expenses - it’s a win-win which is rare in healthcare. If you are a self-insured employer, every visit with Nice is a medical claim expense that you are avoiding, most employers break-even on adding Nice with as little as 5% of their health plan members using Nice. If you are fully insured, every visit with Nice is a medical claim that is not going to your insurer which can lead to lower rate increases in the future. Most importantly, for all employers, increasing access to primary care has been shown to improve the health of employees and lower long term health care costs.

Do you serve the area my employee’s live in?

You can do a simple search in this map to see if we serve your area. We're adding new regions all the time. You will not be billed for employees that live outside of our service area.

What drugs are included?

Check out our prescription frequently asked questions.

Will my employees be penalized by the government if I do not buy health insurance but buy Nice memberships instead?

Nice does not count as heath insurance and you may still be penalized by the federal government if you do not buy health insurance. What Nice does do is it allows you to buy a health insurance plan with a higher deductible (deductible is the amount you have to pay before your health insurance starts paying for medical care) which will in turn have a lower monthly premium (premium is what you pay each month to have insurance). Nice will cover most care that you would have had to pay out of pocket for anyways.

What services are included?

Nice is a primary care clinic. We can do most things a traditional clinic can do including x-rays, blood draws, labs, and checkups. All in the comfort of your home. We even carry common prescription drugs and deliver them to your home or work. For a detailed list you can read our list of services page.


How does the membership work and how do I pay?

Employers purchase Nice Healthcare memberships for employees. Then that employee and their household become members of Nice. It is that simple. Nice will submit a simple invoice once a quarter to the employer for all employees.

Can I offer Nice to just some of my employees?

We require that at the minimum all employees on your health plan be offered Nice. If you do not offer health insurance, then all employees must be included. If you offer health insurance to some employees and not others, you are free to also include those not on your health plan. You will not be billed for employees that live outside of our service area.

Can patients skip the chat or video visit and just have someone come to their home?

All new and first time patients must complete a video visit. We need to collect as much information up front as we can to make your home visit experience as nice as it can possibly be. Once a patient is established they may be able to skip the chat or video portion of the visit if it is not medically necessary.

Does Nice include vaccines?

No it does not. Vaccines are covered by most people's health insurance. You should consult your health insurance carrier for vaccine questions. We can, however, do wellness visits.

How many visits can a person have?

There is no limit to the number of visits you can have, and to make it even easier, more than one person can have a visit at a time.

Does Nice Healthcare work with Medicare?

We hope that Medicare will cover our innovative services in the near future, however, at this time we are unable to treat patients who are Medicare eligible and/or have any type of Medicare insurance due to Medicare regulations.

Does Nice apply towards my employee’s deductible?

Nice Healthcare does not apply towards deductibles.

Is Nice Healthcare compatible with HSAs?

For employers with HSAs Nice Healthcare will charge your employees and their dependents a small fee of $5 per visit to remain compliant with HSA regulations.

Do you accept health insurance?

We do not. That is one of the main reasons we can make this form of healthcare so nice and affordable.