Common Questions About the App

Do I need to create a new account?

Yes. If you previously had an account with Nice Healthcare through the Carbon app you will need to create a new account in our new app. We still have all of your old medical records, however, you will not be able to see your old medical records in the new app.

Will this work on my phone?

THE APP WILL NOT WORK IN INTERNET EXPLORER OR MICROSOFT EDGE. On mobile devices our application will work in Safari on iPhones and in Chrome for Android devices. If you are using a computer you can use Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

Is there an actual app that does not require me to sign in through a browser?

In the coming months we will release apps for iPhones and Android devices. All of your user names, passwords and data from the new browser app will show up too!

Can I add family members to my account?

Yes. You can add family members to your account once you create your own account.

The video will not work.

You will need to authorize our app to access your microphone and camera. If you are not prompted to do so, try refreshing your browser or closing and reopening your browser. That should do the trick!

I can’t create an account or log in.

Please ensure you have not blocked cookies on your device. Who blocks cookies anyways, cookies are delicious.