What does “free prescriptions” and “free prescription delivery” mean?

At Nice Healthcare we are primary care medical providers who believe in total person wellness, prevention and partnering in your health first and foremost.  The best way to do this is through healthy eating, exercise, stress reduction and quality sleep. There are times that medications can be necessary, and we want to be your partner in you and your family’s sick times and for basic chronic conditions as well.

If, through a scheduled medical visit with one of our licensed Family Nurse Practitioners, it is determined that a medication would be medically recommended, he or she can prescribe it.  We are able to send prescriptions to your local pharmacy, as well as the pharmacy closest to your hotel when you’re on vacation. There are even times when we are able to offer and deliver a medication that we carry.

We totally understand the frustrations of the exorbitant pricing of pharmaceuticals and have worked relentlessly to negotiate down the pricing with our partner pharmacy. These savings are passed on to our patients. However, it should be clear that Nice Healthcare is not a pharmacy and we cannot carry every medication in every dose and in every formulation of the medication.  We are subject to the availability, shipping, and pricing of medications by our pharmacy vendor. Furthermore, we do not make any profit on any of the drugs we carry.

However, based on research, we have carefully selected the most common medications that will save the most people time and money and are very excited when we are able to offer these medications for delivery or during a home visit.  

In summary, when medications are prescribed, it is based on an episode of care using evidence-based medicine that is managed by our Nice Healthcare medical providers, not as a standalone pharmacy refill (again we are not a pharmacy) for another provider who is managing your condition.

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that we will have all doses, formulations and any medication is subject to change and availability.

Medication Refills for Chronic Conditions managed by Nice Healthcare:

Request your refills of chronic medications that Nice Healthcare providers have prescribed as early as you can.  If you have run out of a medication or are just about to we will “bridge” your prescription by sending to your local pharmacy until your refill can be shipped to you.